A path where you can meet smiles And the beauty of nature: Michinoku Coastal Trail

A new path has opened in Tohoku.

Its name is “Michinoku Coastal Trail.”
It is a very, very long path that runs along the majestic Pacific Ocean. Here, you can experience the bounties of both forest and sea.

Nature, born from the bonds between forest, village, river, and the sea, and the stories spun therefrom, are the beauty that exists only on this trail.
People’s lifestyles are passed on through this trail, and we hope they will ultimately be passed on into the future.

Paths become paths when people walk on them.
The “Michinoku Coastal Trail” will also become a path when the people who live in Tohoku and the people who visit Tohoku walk on it together.

Try walking in Tohoku, along this trail.
Walk side by side with Tohoku progressing towards rebirth.

Route Information

The Michinoku Coastal Trail is a long trail that follows the Pacific coast from Hachinohe City in Aomori Prefecture to Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture.
“Michinoku” is the ancient name of the Tohoku area, and is still familiar as a nickname.
The biggest attraction is the abundance of spots you can experience dynamic views of the ocean.
There are a great variety of sights to see, like the most beautiful cliffs in Japan, the marvelous scenery of the rias coastline, the sheer abundance of the world's third largest fishing grounds and more.
Enjoy a time you will never forget as you follow the trail while feeling the sea breeze and the compelling beauty created by nature.

section overview map

Important Information

NPO Michinoku Trail Club provides the latest updates and warnings about the Michinoku Coastal Trail. Natori Trail Center also accepts inquiries about the entire trail.

Ordering the Trail Map

We have finished distributing the free Ministry of the Environment trail maps as of March 31st, 2021. From now on, you can purchase the Michinoku Coastal Trail Hiking Map Books.
How to purchase the hiking map book (link to external site) 


  • There are many places on the Michinoku Coastal Trail without sufficient signage. Before departing, it is important to thoroughly study topographical maps and target facilities, and have a firm image of them in your mind.
    Please walk understanding where you are going by, for example, relying on the contours of the map, target facilities, and your compass.
  • There are many locations where you cannot send and receive mobile phone signals. Please take a trail map and compass in case you become lost.
  • In some areas around the trail Asian black bears have been seen, so take a bear bell with you in order to avoid encounters. Also, from summer to autumn, you must be cautious of bees and wasps, including hornets. Attacks increase at the beginning of autumn in particular, so please be especially careful at that time.
  • Staying overnight in tents on roads or in carparks is prohibited. Please stay at a designated camping site.
  • Swimming in the ocean is possible only in designated swimming beaches, during periods they are open.
  • No permission is required when walking along the Michinoku Coastal Trail.
  • You can pass through fishing harbors on the trail route because permission has been obtained.
  • Locations requiring caution are marked on the trail maps. In particular, caution is required when walking along national and prefectural roads with no sidewalks and coastal areas where the waves are high due to bad weather or tide levels. During high tides, please use the detours shown on the trail map.
  • If you feel strong or long tremors, evacuate to high ground as quickly as possible. Listen to information on the radio, and move cautiously until the warning is lifted. Also, if the weather worsens and stormy weather seems imminent, move to the nearest paved road and go to a safe place in an urban area using appropriate transport. If bad weather such as a typhoon is forecast beforehand, cancel your plans to avoid difficulties.


Please send inquiries regarding the Michinoku Coastal Trail or this website to the following address.

Michinoku Coastal Trail, Natori Trail Center
Address: 3-12-1 Yuriage Higashi, Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture