UPDATE (June 28th, 2019): Extended Construction Period
January 24th, 2018

About partial closure of Ishinomaki North Oshika Peninsula section of the Michinoku Coastal Trail due to construction.

The trail closure on the map will continue through the end of March, 2020 due to extended construction.

One part of the Ishinomaki North Oshika Peninsula section is closed due to reconstruction work on roads. The closed area is on the way from Onagawa to Oshika Peninsula after reaching the top of Mt. Dairokuten. When you get to this part, please use a national road or other road to continue.

1. Closed Areas
As shown in map (location map)

2. Period of closure
Planned to be from late January 2018 to the end of March, 2020

3. Extent of closure
All portions of road as shown closed for the entire period.

4. Inquiries
■ About the trail:
Ishinomaki Ranger Office (Tel. 022-24-8217)

■ About construction:
Ishinomaki City Tourism Section (Tel: 0225-95-1111 Ext. 3536)