About partial closure of Otsuchi section of the Michinoku Coastal Trail due to construction (Detour Information)

The Otsuchi section of the Michinoku Coastal Trail has three spots that are closed due to construction. Please use the detours when you walk this section.
There will continue to be larger-scale construction within the Otsuchi section, and in some cases newly built roads won't be shown on the most recently updated trail maps. In some cases, we will change the trail route, but since it will be difficult to update the trail map very frequently, please be flexible with changes while you hike this route.
Please make sure to check notices from the official website, and stay safe during your hike by following instructions from staff and posted signs.


1.Closed Areas
 As shown in maps(location map and detour map)


2.Period of closure
 For the time being.

 About the trail: Ofunato Ranger Office, Ministry of the Environment, Tel. 0192-29-2759
 About construction: Please see contact information on signage at site, or you can ask the Ofunato Ranger Office to check who is in charge of construction.