About partial closure of Kesennuma sections of the Michinoku Coastal Trail due to construction (Detour Information)

The Michinoku Coastal Trail passing through Kesennuma has 6 total spots from the North Kesennuma and South Kesennuma sections that are closed due to construction.  Please use the detours when you walk these sections.

The Kesennuma sections are expected to continue to have lots of construction to rebuild from the 2011 tsunami.
Please make sure to check notices from the official website, and stay safe during your hike by following instructions from staff and posted signs.

1. Closed Areas
North Kesennuma Section: as shown on location and detour maps [PDF]
South Kesennuma Section: as shown on location and detour maps [PDF]

2. Period of closure
For the time being.

3. Inquiries 
About the trail: Ofunato Ranger Office, Ministry of the Environment, Tel. 0192-29-2759
About construction:
 Closed section ① Miyagi Prefecture, Kesennuma Public Works Office, Oshima Bridge Construction Team(TEL:0226-24-2537)
 Closed section ② Kesennuma City, Construction Department, Public Works Division(TEL:0226-22-6600)
 Closed sections ③ and ④  Kesennuma City, Industries Department, Tourism Division (TEL:0226-24-3438)
※ Closed sections ⑤ and ⑥ have multiple construction projects, so the Ofunato Ranger Office can answer questions about these areas.