August 2nd, 2019

Caution: Beware of the Bloodsucker, Yamabiru (Japanese Mountain Leech)!
(map: Ishinomaki North and South Oshika Peninsula Section and Onagawa Section)

The following mountain routes have a large number of Yamabiru that increased with growing the Shika deer population around the area (We have some reports of leeches attaching to hosts by dropping down from trees, or crawling up from the ground).

Ishinomaki City, Oshika Peninsula (north & south) mountain route
Onagawa Town, around Mt. Dairokuten mountain route

Peak Season: July to October

The risk of the infection from a leech is lower than a tick’s bit, but it doesn’t mean there is none.
Please be advised that immediate medical attention is not available along the trail to deal with incidents with leeches or ticks.
If sufficient measures to safeguard against leeches cannot be done, please stick to paved routes, such as city and prefectural roads.