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April 22nd, 2019

Notice: Regarding the route changes associated with the opening of the Kesennuma Oshima-ohashi Bridge
(Map: North Kesennuma section)

The Kesennuma Oshima-ohashi Bridge (a.k.a. the Tsurukame-ohashi Bridge) connecting the mainland to Oshima Island opened on April 7th, 2019. Along with the new bridge, Oshima Kisen Ferry has discontinued their regular liners between Oshima Kisen Ferry Port and Uranohama Harbor which is part of the trail route. Please use the alternate routes for access to the trail in Oshima Island. See the link below.

● Location
North Kesennuma section in Miyagi Prefecture
 As shown on the map, Location
            Detail View UPDATED!!

● Inquiry
 Trail: Ministry of the Environment, Ofunato Ranger Office (tel 0192-29-2759)
    Karakuwa Town Tourism Association (tel 0226-32-3029)
 Road updates: Kesennuma City Public Works Office (tel 0226-24-2537)
 Please be aware of the road conditions as construction continues around the trail routes.