Notice: Regarding the partial closure of the Kuji section (Detour Information)→This closure has been cleared.

 The following road is partially closed in the Kuji section due to construction. Please see the link below and take the detour route when walking in the vicinity.

● Location
 Kuji section in Iwate Prefecture
 As shown on the detour map Closure and Detour in Kuji Section / Trail Detour Route

● Period of closure
 From 8:30 am, Mon., Nov. 12th, 2018 to 5:00 pm, Fri., Apr. 26th, 2019

● Inquiries
 Trail: Kuji City Tourism Exchange Section (観光交流課 Kanko Koryu-ka)
  Phone 0194-52-2123
 Construction: Iwate Prefecture Northern Area Promotion Bureau, Public Works Section
  Phone 0194-53-4990
 Bus: Northern Iwate Transportation inc., Kuji Office (岩手県北バス Iwate Kenpoku Bus)
  Phone: 0194-53-5200
  *Bus Detour information