UPDATE (July 25th, 2019): Hunting Schedule for August and Beyond
July 12th, 2019

Caution: Deer Hunting in Ishinomaki
Map: Ishinomaki City (Kitakami, Kahoku. Ogatsu) Section

In the Ishinomaki Section, deer hunting for population control via guns and traps is going to take place. Please be careful when you pass through these sections

Staying safe:
○Avoid hiking in the early morning
○Wear bright, highly visible clothing
○Let people know a human is walking by with bear bells, radios, etc.
○Do not move towards places where you hear gunfire

Hunting taking places and dates on July, 2019:
Around Iino River (Sun. 14th) , Futamata area (Thu. 18th), Ogatsu area (Sun. 21st)
August: No hunting.
September and beyond: We will inform you, once we get the information.

Contact: 0225-95-1111
Ishinomaki City Tourist Section (石巻市観光課)