Morning flight and Evening return of Geese Around Izu-numa and Uchi-numa Ramsar Site

Season and Time

Mid-October to early February
We recommend entering the sites approximately 30 minutes before sunrise and sunset.

Izu-numa and Uchi-numa Birding Point


Miyagi Izu-numa, Uchi-numa Sanctuary Center (approx. 30 cars)

Walkway on the western side of the Izu-numa:

Itefunado Wakayanagikamihataoka Kurihara City (with portable toilet, approx. 10 cars)

Walkway on the eastern side of the Izu-numa:

Tabukuro Wakayanagishimohataoka Kurihara City(approx. 20 cars)

 Mae-numa: Maenuma Hasamachonitta Tome City (approx. 20 cars)


Sunagozaki Tsukidate Yokosuka Kurihara City (approx. 25 cars)


Taxi: 15 minutes from Kurikoma-Kogen Station. (JR Tohoku Shinkansen)
   10 minutes from Nitta Station (JR Tohoku Main line)

Car: 15 minutes from Tsukidate IC (Tohoku Expressway) 

Travel Information/ Kurihara City, Tome City

-Kurihara City Gyugyutto Kurihara (
Phone: 0228-22-1151

-Tome City Tourism and Local Products Association (
Phone: 0220-52-4648

-Miyagi Izu-numa, Uchi-numa Sanctuary Center(
Phone: 0228-33-2216

Tips for Bird Watching

- Prepare warm clothing and a small light to see where you step

- No lights and keep silent to avoid scaring the birds

- No toilet

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