August 3, 2018

Announcement: Trail Closure and Detour Information (between Hirono Town and Kuji City)
(Map: Kuji Section)

A typhoon-affected area near Nakanoshirataki Falls which is a detour from Koge River wading point has been closed to traffic. In addition, the Koge River wading point on the main route does not have a bridge and cannot be crossed when the river’s water level rises. Therefore, if you need to pass the Koge River, we recommend the blue or green routes outlined on the attached map.

①blue route: shortest alternate route
②green route: Rikuchu-Nakano Station arrival and departure alternate route

-Please note that both roads have no sidewalk, and dump tracks come and go especially near the municipal borders due to the construction of nearby roads.
-There are no road signs along the routes so make sure to check the alternate routes on the map.
-In addition, please refrain from walking the Kuwabatake-ohashi Bridge on Route 45, there are no sidewalks with heavy traffic on the road.